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Gifts for Love and Unity
February 27, 2022

Gifts for Love and Unity

Passage: Ephesians 4:1-8

In ancient Rome, one of the most glorious events was a triumphal procession. It was a lavish parade to celebrate a conquering general, celebrating his service to Rome, to the people, and to his gods. It was a momentous occasion that could last days, and it may only occur once in a lifetime. During the procession, the general would parade the defeated enemies in front. There would be banquets, feasts, gifts and various entertainment. A crown of laurel and a purple and gold toga would be given to the general. He would never wear them again, but would display them in his home as as memorial to the glory he enjoyed at the procession.

This morning, with the horrors of war much on our minds, the Scriptures tell the story of a Good King and how he conquered not with bombs and lies and intimidation, but with love and mercy and sacrifice.

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