Grace Fellowship

in Franklin County, TN

Worship Services each Sunday at 10 AM

Franklin County


All Nations

Faithful, Loving, and Sending.

We seek to be a church that is faithful to God’s Word, loving as a faith family, sending witnesses to all nations, only by the power of God and all for the glory of Jesus Christ.

We warmly invite you to taste the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in the gospel, thus enjoying sweet fellowship with God and with us.

Meet with us

We are currently meeting for worship on Sundays at 10am at The Cumberland Room/Firefly Gallery at The Franklin House:

108 Cumberland Street East
Cowan, TN 37318


There’s No One Like Jesus

No one understands us like Jesus, no one divides like Jesus, and no one saves like Jesus. There’s no one like Jesus!

God Loves a Cheerful Giver

What does it mean that God loves a cheerful giver? Why is giving a blessing to us? How can we become cheerful givers?

Let’s Fight for Delight!

In our Psalm of the Year for 2023, we learn that we are blessed as we delight in the Word of God and as we delight in the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ.

Discerning God’s Call

John Dixon does a great job walking us through various Scriptures that detail how God calls Christians to serve Him.