Grace Fellowship

in Franklin County, TN

Worship Services each Sunday at 10 AM

Franklin County


All Nations

Faithful, Loving, and Sending.

We seek to be a church that is faithful to God’s Word, loving as a faith family, sending witnesses to all nations, only by the power of God and all for the glory of Jesus Christ.

We warmly invite you to taste the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in the gospel, thus enjoying sweet fellowship with God and with us.

Meet with us

We are currently meeting for worship on Sundays at 10am at The Cumberland Room/Firefly Gallery at The Franklin House:

108 Cumberland Street East
Cowan, TN 37318


Cleansing the Temple

The diversity of worship styles around the world is beautiful. According to missionary accounts, our church family in Russia typically worship in a more traditional way with simple instrumentation. In South Africa, our brothers and sisters in Christ will use a call and response worship style between the worship leader and the congregation. Worship styles … Cleansing the Temple Read More »

The First Sign

All religions try to wash away sin. From bathing in the Ganges River for Hindus, to the Bathing of the Buddha in Buddhism, to ceremonial washings before prayers in Islam, all religions try to wash away sin. But in the Gospel of John, there is a different type of washing to cleanse sin: washing in … The First Sign Read More »

Follow Me

Jesus Christ is actively seeking worshipers. Will we join him in his mission? If we’ve been transformed by Jesus, we should tell others about Jesus!

Behold the Lamb of God

In the fall of 2012, Lindsey and I had the privilege to visit Israel. On our trip, I was surprised to learn from our tour guide that many of the political signs we saw around Jerusalem had a common refrain: the politicians were claiming to be the Messiah. But after the initial shock wore off, … Behold the Lamb of God Read More »