The diversity of worship styles around the world is beautiful. According to missionary accounts, our church family in Russia typically worship in a more traditional way with simple instrumentation. In…

The First Sign

September 18, 2022
All religions try to wash away sin. From bathing in the Ganges River for Hindus, to the Bathing of the Buddha in Buddhism, to ceremonial washings before prayers in Islam,…

Follow Me

September 11, 2022
Jesus Christ is actively seeking worshipers. Will we join him in his mission? If we've been transformed by Jesus, we should tell others about Jesus!
In the fall of 2012, Lindsey and I had the privilege to visit Israel. On our trip, I was surprised to learn from our tour guide that many of the…
"In the beginning, there was Someone who has no beginning."   *We had technical difficulties with this sermon audio

Through Suffering to Glory

August 21, 2022
You've heard the phrase 'no pain, no gain.' It could relate to training on a sports team, pursuing a medical degree, or working toward a great marriage. But does this…
Pianos are amazing instruments. They have over 10,000 moving parts, and they are the only instrument that can play the full orchestral range. And it is vitally important to keep…
On Back to School Sunday, our sermon is delivered to the children of the church, encouraging them to know God as their "dwelling place" this school year. May God bless…
Guest Preacher Brian Fourroux shows us how Psalm 5 teaches us how to pray our honest emotions as well as how to pray for our enemies.
God is doing great things among all nations. Do we want to join him?
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We are Grace Fellowship.

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And we warmly invite you to taste the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in the gospel, thus enjoying sweet fellowship with God and with us.